*** Only websites powered by WooCommerce
Increase customer engagement, get more sales for your E-Commerce website built with WooCommerce via your own android app

The app will connect to your WooCommerce website and sync products and product categories in real time. It will allow customers shop easier and faster. Customers can shop, make payment, register, login, view order status, order history etc from the app.

Payments Methods

Support 99% of payment methods.


Allows customers to chat with you on Whatsapp.

Auto Login

Supports automatic login to WooCommerce

Add to Cart from Product Category page

Allows customer to easily add a product from Product Category page without needing to go to the product details page.

Search Products / Filters

Allows customer to search products globally on the home page and search/filter products within categories.

Real-time update on Products and Categories

Categories and products are updated in app when they are posted on the website automatically. No need to manage anything separately.

Password reset

Allows customers to initiate a password reset from the app itself.

Product Review and Rating

Allows customers see product reviews and ratings.

Send push notification

Send push notification to users of the app.



First Time App Creation (Version 11)

Fifty thousand Naira
Creating your app on our platform for the first time.

This covers only app creation, it does not include uploading the app to Google Play Store.

Uploading your app to the Google Play Store comes at an extra charge of 20,000.

App Upgrade (From lower version to Version 11)

Thirty thousand Naira
If you have created your app on our platform but have not upgraded to the latest version.